The History and The Wedding Preparation

Well, i’m officially a bride-to-be. Yay me!

Setelah beberapa tahun belakangan ini banyak drama dan tragedi menimpa kehidupan gw. Akhirnya sampai juga ke bagian “memetik buah yang manis” insya Allah. Feels like this is Allah’s gift for me after getting through all the hardships. Alhamdulillahirabbil’alamin 🙂

The lucky guy named Robby Hartanto. My senior in college. It’s funny how we never really talked much to each other when we were in college, only belong to the same student unit, yet ended up planning to get married next year. How unpredictable life could turn out to be, huh?

Well, the credit goes to my brother-in-crime, kak Adit, who introduced us to each other at the right time and right moment. It was all begin exactly on this date last year. Few months after, on July 6th 2013, he proposed to me, and granted by my Dad, alhamdulillah 🙂

Some friends asked me how could you be sure that you want to get married that young to that particular guy? Well some says, when it is right, you just knew. You just don’t question yourself anymore, you have faith and that’s it, you feel like you’ve done searching, done playing around, done done done. At that moment, you just knew.

The official engagement party was on August 12th, 2013, few days after Idul Fitri with families and some close friends. A simple and intimate party to celebrate our engagement day.

After back-and-forth discussion with families and done with ke-rempong-an venue survey, we decided that our wedding will be held next year on January 18th, 2014.

And so the journey begins…..


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